Ceremony Style

Your day, completely your way!

Choose Your Wedding Adventure

No two ceremonies are ever the same!
A wedding ceremony is the transition between engaged & married.
What does that transition look like to you?

Legals Only

from $450
Registry style or already late for the honeymoon? This short and to the point ceremony covers all the legal requirements and takes less than 10 minutes!

Short & Sweet

Eloping or having a close friends & family only wedding? A 15 minute ceremony with all the love and legals.

Family Size

So that’s you two, and everyone else you hold near, dear and can’t live without- A big ceremony complete with all the laughs, tears and legals.

Mates Rates

Friends don’t let friends get married alone! Have someone special in mind to conduct your ceremony? Great! I’ll handle the legals and they can handle the sweet stuff!


All Packages Include

  • An initial catch up, face to face or via your communication method of choice (zoom/skype/smoke signal)
  • Ongoing contact & support via phone, email or socials
  • A custom scripted ceremony that reflects YOU
  • Rehearsal Ceremony
  • Guest welcome at your ceremony
  • Completion & submission of NOIM & all legal paperwork
  • PA & microphone for your ceremony

What Happens Next?

We’ll catch up for an obligation free chat about you and your ceremony. If you still think I’m pretty cool, we’ll get to completing your Notice Of Intent to Marry (NOIM- that’s the really important docco that needs to be done at least 1 month & a day before your wedding date). We’ll also sign a service agreement that basically means I’ll do an excellent job for you, and you’ll be amazing clients.

With your input over call, email & text I will write and rewrite your ceremony until it gives you the goofy smiles, big laughs, sneaky tears and all the warm & fuzzies. In the week before hand we can do a rehearsal, final tick of approval for the ceremony and another document to sign-  Then, we’re all set for wedding day!!